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Black clothes can make you look thinner. When appropriate, stink is even better. And have some fun with it. So you can think, what does the character do for a living or consider the nature of their personality and decide if you can use this when describing colour from their perspective. Every red was the exact same one, a brilliant cherry scarlet. The deepest of them was like driftwood, another was the same hue as the sand at Camber, the blue was like the ocean on a cool autumn day rather than the brilliant blue of the tourist season Are you a therapist who flies off the sending cover letter and resume over trivia and seems to lurch from one disaster to another? Menu Colour Your Writing With Synaesthesia Creative writing using colours rare medical condition, synaesthesia is what happens when someone experiences two or more of the senses when, in fact, only one sense or sensation is being experienced.
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  • I describe an middle-aged lady character of mine as routinely wearing black.
  • Every red was the exact same one, a brilliant cherry scarlet.
  • It creates protective barriers, as it absorbs all the energy coming towards you, and it enshrouds the personality.
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  • Think about smells, tastes, and colors.
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