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e-Portfolio: Introduction & Professional Statement

However, getting someone to actually read it is important. Both the cover letter and resume should be tailored for the specific job or placement you're applying for, including the name of the company. Throughout my five-year college career I have gone down many avenues in the hopes of finding the perfect profession. But most invaluable was the support, encouragement, humor, and solidarity we provided each other. Cover letters are short, at most four paragraphs long, and are written in business letter format.

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Introduction/Opening Statement - MAT 46 Portfolio: Amy Rinaldo

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Introduction to the Portfolio

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introduction statement for portfolio sample cover letters for delivery drivers

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Resumes and CVs

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I found this very different and decided I would only to show more opportunities within the new service industry. You will also find clear plastic sheet lines, labels for each period, and dividers.

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