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The nature of my degree course has prepared me for this position. Dear Ms Green. A good way to complete this section is take the essential criteria from the personal specification given with the job advert, and then explaining how you full fill each one. The Chronicle of Higher Education's job site features a number of articles that may be helpful to first-time applicants on the job market. Other Headings: Curriculum vitae letter of introduction to break out information such as interests and professional associations as separate headings is acceptable if relevant to the position. If you have a number of descriptive statements about your work that all run to about a line in length, bullets what should be on your cover letter of your resume be a good way of separating them. The third paragraph In this section specifically indicate why you are interested in the position by telling them what you are impressed with and what attracts you to them. You can find these by asking other grad students and junior faculty in your department if you can have a look at their CVs, and you can also make use of the Internet to find CV samples in your discipline. Sample Letter 15 Copied!

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Writing the Curriculum Vitae

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Writing the Curriculum Vitae // Purdue Writing Lab You should also include a reference list, either as part of your CV, or on a separate page.

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In any case, you will want to be sure that the information that will be most helpful in determining your qualifications for the job for which you are employing comes before information that will be less helpful. If you plan to relocate soon it is acceptable to list a permanent address.

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